During the coronavirus pandemic, industries inside international markets are grappling with an unprecedented downward shift in business, and real estate is one of them. To help you evaluate the current market and the opportunities that exist, Lady Entrepreneur has organized the Real-estate Investment During a Pandemic Webinar Series.



Buying Investment Properties During COVID-19: Good Or Bad Idea?

During periods of recession or depression, it is assumed that it is a bad time to make real estate investments. Find out the truth.


Where Are The Strongest Real Estate Markets?

Should you choose a market that is booming or a market that is struggling? Does marketability of a property matter? What factors should you consider before making an investment?


How To Finance Your Real-Estate Deals?

Learn how to fund your deals using alternative lending solutions. Should you consider private lenders? Do you qualify for A1 institutional lenders? Can you invest in real-estate with a 650 credit score or lower?

Learn the secrets to real-estate investment during a Pandemic. Review the webinar format so you can contribute as a guest speaker on a future episode.

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